Sandbox episode #6: Introducing the RE:START LAB: tools & methods for uncertain times

We’re excited to share a new episode of Columbia DSL’s Sandbox podcast. DSL director Lance Weiler is joined by Rachel Ginsberg (Director of the Interaction Lab at Copper Hewitt) and Jorgen van der Sloot (co-founder Minkowski an Agency for Applied Futures) for a conversation about speculative futures and charting paths in uncertain times. During the episode we also announce the kick off of RE:START, a new immersive lab from Columbia University School of the Arts in collaboration with Minkowski an Agency for Applied Futures. The lab that helps participants “restart” within new norms and paradigms emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The RE:START lab is a live online learning program that equips participants from all over the world with proven creative tools and fresh perspectives to tackle design challenges of all kinds, whether brought about by the pandemic or not. The program teaches the basics of futures thinking, speculative design and narrative theory, as participants work together to synthesize cross-industry insights and reveal opportunities that might have otherwise remained hidden in plain sight. For more info please visit RE:START Lab