Bot or Not is the fun online deception game where you choose to be a human or a bot.

As a bot, your role is to remain under the radar and trick the humans, but if you’re a human your job is to detect the bots!

You have chosen to be a BOT

When you’re ready turn off your mic and your video. We will be communicating only through the Zoom chat.

From now on, you are undercover…as a bot or not!

So you chose to be a bot. As a bot, you must trick humans into interacting with you. If you are detected by a human then your game is over and you must turn your video and sound on.

Bot Guidelines:
Bots cannot use the first person (I am happy).
Bots must engage the humans by:
-Mirroring what the human types
-Asking the human a question
-Sharing a fact about yourself

You will have 10 minutes to complete this task.