From the Futures

Cursors frantically dart across the screen like a swarm of ants. There is a level of confusion at first as everyone attempts to get their bearings. Over the next 20 minutes, participants will be working together in silence to shape a number of possible futures. It is a symphony of chaos and friction as over 120 people from around the world attempt to map uncharted territory.

Welcome to From the Futures, a bi-weekly series of virtual gatherings with skill-based workshops sprinkled in between sessions. A collaboration between Columbia DSL, Fake Artists, Minkowski and Beautiful Seams, the initiative explores prototyping futures in order to make sense of our present. The effort is an ongoing experiment in speculative design, experiential futures, collective sensemaking, storytelling, play and digital placemaking. Structurally speaking, From the Futures is a global sandbox for learning, doing and sharing.

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