Story I/O – Decentralized Storytelling & the Metaverse

Story I/O returns Saturday, September 25th for a day of exploration and experimentation focused around decentralized storytelling and the metaverse.

Join storytellers, makers, hackers, activists, educators and students as we co-create imagined futures and new myths in an effort to see what it takes to design stories related to climate that can last seven generations.

What is co-created at Story I/O will live beyond the event as the outputs from the day will go on to be part of a series of special events that will tour in 2021/2022.

Work from the day will be released under a copyleft Creative Commons sharealike license to be remixed and shared openly.

All are welcome but space will be limited for this special virtual event that will make use of zoom and Miro.

Volunteers wanted! – we are looking for a few volunteers to assist with design, research, documentation and logistics. If you’re interested in lending a hand please email