Story I/O – a special event to explore new forms & functions of storytelling

Story I/O

Saturday, September 23rd
10am to 6pm
Lenfest Center for the Arts
APPLY NOW (space is limited)

Led by Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab, Story I/O, or “Input/Output,” is a highly interactive one-day event to explore new forms and functions of storytelling. This first edition explores the lab’s collaborative work with Columbia School of Social Work’s SAFE Lab, creating a de-escalation room for youth that harnesses story, play, design, and emerging tech. The day also incorporates work by the Program in Narrative Medicine and The Patient Revolution to build simulations for empathetic care that embrace mixed reality and sensor-based technologies.

Some notes on the evolution of the event

For over a decade I’ve been organizing and curating conferences, workshops, international artist residences and labs. In 2007, I started a roving event for creators entitled DIY Days which later evolved into Learn Do Share, a global network of over 70 producers in 30 countries. In both instances the goal was to gather a diversity of participants in an effort to mix thinking and doing — to move beyond talk and attempt to drive action. Some of the efforts have reached millions of people around the world while others have driven local impact.

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