Char Simpson (they/them) is a non-binary artist, interactive writer, and creative producer. They specialize in the crafting and mapping of compelling immersive stories.

Char focuses on modes of storytelling that encourage an extranoematic interaction between the reader and the text. They work in the space between comedy and horror, equal parts whimsical and grotesque. Their conceptual work is based on the Funhouse as a hot zone for self-discovery. Camp, parody, horror, and gore as amplification of the self, and interactivity as a way to permeate the extremes of our emotional landscape.

As an experimental creator, Char brings a unique interdisciplinary perspective to their work. Their interactive writing experience runs the gamut from children’s literature to adult horror experiences. This versatility lends a playfulness to Char’s thinking- even when it gets really scary, there is still a flicker of fun.

Their work has been presented at Tribeca Film Festival’s Virtual Arcade, Cannes XR, the idfa DocLab Forum, DEFCON, and the Blackout Haunted House. Char is a Sundance Storytelling Lab fellow and a resident of the POV Spark Lab. Their writing has been featured by WNYC, Choose Your Own Adventure, the Disquiet Literary Conference, and others. They work in a range of industries including education, healthcare, and digital entertainment. Find out more at