• The Fall of Frankenstein – a series of events celebrating the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

    There are a number of fall events and opportunities surrounding the Frankenstein AI prototype. Please note that the following is subject to change. Collaborators wanted We’re looking for collaborators for the following. If you’d like to lend a hand please let us know. In addition, if you’d like to bring Frankenstein AI to an event […]

  • Speculative Fiction – world building for imagined futures

    Join us for an evening of Speculative Fiction & Design. In this special meetup, we’ll explore the power of narrative and design-futures as tools for world building and social impact. Our special guest for the session is Elliott P. Montgomery a researcher and strategic designer whose work focuses on speculative alternatives at the confluence of social, technological and environmental […]

  • Frankenstein AI: a monster made by many

    In launching Frankenstein AI, we’re working to build on the legacy of our first immersive adaptation Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things. At the Columbia University School of the Arts’ Digital Storytelling Lab, we explore new forms and functions of storytelling.

  • Sherlock Hack

    The countdown to the New York Film Festival is underway. On Oct 1st we convert Lincoln Center Plaza into a massive connected crime scene. Festival going audiences will step into an immersive experience that mixes storytelling, play and technology. We made wonderful progress at the last meetup on August 20th. Thanks to everyone who came […]

  • Last chance to register for Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things

    Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things MOOC runs August 23rd to October 6th Quick reminder to let you know that this is the final week to register for the FREE Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things MOOC (massive online/offline collaboration). Starting August 23rd storytellers, game designers, hackers and makers will step into a […]

  • Special Event Feb. 23rd, live at the Film Society of Lincoln Center

    COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF THE ARTS’ DIGITAL STORYTELLING LAB ANNOUNCES “CONVERGENT,” A LIVE PROGRAM AND PODCAST WITH THE FILM SOCIETY OF LINCOLN CENTER Inaugural production Feb. 23 to celebrate the Lab’s “Digital Dozen” honoring groundbreaking storytellers and kick off the 2016 edition of Sherlock Holmes and the Internet of Things.  Columbia University’s Digital Storytelling Lab (DSL) is […]

  • Sherlock Holmes returns to Lincoln Center

    Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things returns Feb 23rd to Lincoln Center for our first meetup of 2016. This special event will kickoff with a presentation of the Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab’s Digital Dozen: Breakthroughs in Storytelling. A number of the creators featured on the list will be joining us. After the presentation we’ll move […]

  • The Human Element

    Finding ways to ignite the imagination of many As I lead the first group of festival participants onto Lincoln Center’s Hearst Plaza, we’ve been battling a number of technical issues. The WiFi is cutting in and out and the phones that we’ve rented are freezing and crashing. On top of that, our Raspberry Pi-enabled Rotary […]

  • “The Power of Immersive Media” featured in strategy+business magazine 

    Digital Storytelling Lab member Frank Rose has published a feature-length essay in the spring issue of strategy+business, the global business quarterly, on immersive storytelling as a tool for brand marketing. Titled “The Power of Immersive Media,” the article defines immersion as “the process of losing oneself in a fictional world” and traces its evolution in […]

  • Entering the World of Sherlock Holmes

    On September 28th, a group of 25 storytellers, game designers, developers, makers, academics, and students came together for our Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things launch event. Over the course of the day teams explored ways to re-imagine the world of Sherlock Holmes. Starting in October, Sherlock Holmes and the Internet of Things will […]