• Sandbox episode #6: Introducing the RE:START LAB: tools & methods for uncertain times

    We’re excited to share a new episode of Columbia DSL’s Sandbox podcast. DSL director Lance Weiler is joined by Rachel Ginsberg (Director of the Interaction Lab at Copper Hewitt) and Jorgen van der Sloot (co-founder Minkowski an Agency for Applied Futures) for a conversation about speculative futures and charting paths in uncertain times. During the […]

  • TEST/BREAK – new program explores the development of virtual works

    Columbia DSL is excited to announce a new monthly prototyping series entitled TEST/BREAK. Each month we’ll focus on a number of projects that are in various stages of development. TEST/BREAK provides a forum for creatives exploring new forms and functions of storytelling. Focus is placed on projects that are pushing at the edges of narrative […]

  • Digital Dozen 2020

    Every April we cite 12 remarkable projects for the Lab’s Digital Dozen: Breakthroughs in Storytelling awards. This year we have work in AI, art, journalism, VR, video games and others too complicated to sum up in a single word. Usually we do this live at Lincoln Center, but for obvious reasons we’ll be making the […]

  • From the Futures

    Cursors frantically dart across the screen like a swarm of ants. There is a level of confusion at first as everyone attempts to get their bearings. Over the next 20 minutes, participants will be working together in silence to shape a number of possible futures. It is a symphony of chaos and friction as over […]

  • [Virtual Gathering] Speculative Design + Social Dreaming

    On Thursday, March 26th we’re inviting folks from around the world to join us for a special virtual gathering. The format is that of a salon meets design sprint meets game design jam. This is the first in a series of virtual gatherings from Columbia University School of the Arts’ Digital Storytelling Lab, Fake Artists, […]

  • Case Study – “Where There’s Smoke” immersive storytelling installation at Tribeca Film Festival

    Since 2013, Columbia DSL has been developing open methodologies and creative frameworks for those interested in exploring new forms and functions of storytelling. At the lab we’re committed to experimentation and documentation. The following case study is the first in a series focusing on projects that were produced outside Columbia DSL but make use of […]