Columbia University School of the Arts’ Digital Storytelling Lab & the Center for Justice, the Empathy Lab & Refinery29 present a Think & Do session on

Shared Reality: An exploration into best practices for designing and producing *Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality experiences as tools for Social Justice


Storytellers, creative technologists, policy makers, data scientists, virtual/augmented/mixed reality creators, journalists, artists, game designers, activists, and change makers.


A day long collaborative session designed to help incubate and scale virtual/augmented/mixed reality experiences as tools for Social Justice. Together we’ll step into the work of Performing Statistics – an organization that harnesses the stories, art and performance of incarcerated youth to train law enforcement agents.


The goal of the day will be to translate this training program into a virtual/augmented/mixed reality training tool can be utilized by other municipalities across the nation.. Outputs and learnings from the think & do session will be made available to all participants in the form of a report which will be released under a creative commons license.

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