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    Sherlock Holmes returns to Lincoln Center

    Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things returns Feb 23rd to Lincoln Center for our first meetup of 2016. This special event will kickoff with a presentation of the Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab’s Digital Dozen: Breakthroughs in Storytelling. A number of the creators featured on the list will be joining us. After the presentation we’ll move […]

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    Breakthroughs in Storytelling

    Columbia’s “Digital Dozen: Breakthroughs in Storytelling” celebrates the year’s most creative examples of digitally enabled storytelling as judged by the Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab. The works honored for 2015 include an ad campaign; a video game; an art installation; an experimental opera; an online community whose leaders have been targeted by murderous fundamentalists; and two […]

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    The Human Element

    Finding ways to ignite the imagination of many As I lead the first group of festival participants onto Lincoln Center’s Hearst Plaza, we’ve been battling a number of technical issues. The WiFi is cutting in and out and the phones that we’ve rented are freezing and crashing. On top of that, our Raspberry Pi-enabled Rotary […]

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    Bridging the Physical & Digital Worlds

    Explorations into the wilds of a Massive Online/Offline Collaboration — 12 things to consider when building collaborative spaces Disclaimer when we say MOOC we are NOT talking about a massive open online course but instead referring to a massive online/offline collaboration. Collaboration can be a bitch. Communication is often strained. Working across time zones with dispersed teams […]

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    Welcome to Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things

    They resemble a line of ants transporting food back to a colony. Some carry rolls of tape, others clutch massive reams of butcher paper and a select few are the keeper of the scissors. Over a 100 people follow me out of the National Stadium located in Warsaw. We’re on a collective mission. Over the […]

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    “The Power of Immersive Media” featured in strategy+business magazine 

    Digital Storytelling Lab member Frank Rose has published a feature-length essay in the spring issue of strategy+business, the global business quarterly, on immersive storytelling as a tool for brand marketing. Titled “The Power of Immersive Media,” the article defines immersion as “the process of losing oneself in a fictional world” and traces its evolution in […]

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    Columbia DSL at World Economic Forum

    Digital Storytelling Lab director Lance Weiler recently had work presented at Davos. The following post along with a new report on The Business of Creativity was released by the World Economic Forum’s annual gathering. Weiler spent the last three years on a steering committee for the WEF focused on Norms and Values in Digital Media. […]

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    Entering the World of Sherlock Holmes

    On September 28th, a group of 25 storytellers, game designers, developers, makers, academics, and students came together for our Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things launch event. Over the course of the day teams explored ways to re-imagine the world of Sherlock Holmes. Starting in October, Sherlock Holmes and the Internet of Things will […]

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    Bit by Bit: Experiments in Digital Storytelling

    The democratization of creative tools—code, data and algorithms—have changed the relationship between creator and audience. Stories are spilling off screens and into the real world and a new storytelling grammar is being shaped due to shifts in media consumption and device penetration. bit by bit is a week-long exploration and reflection on the powerful pairing […]

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    What could a Digital Storytelling Lab at Columbia look like?

    This past week we held our first Digital Storytelling Lab @Columbia event. Almost a year ago we started organizing a number of think tanks around what a digital storytelling lab at Columbia University could look like. Over time, that lead to the formation of a working group within the school. Through the working group, we’ve […]