Lance is one of the top thought leaders and experience designers helping to bring storytelling into the 21st Century.

Lance Weiler

Founding Member & Director

Ira Deutchman has been making, marketing and distributing films since 1975, having worked on over 150 films including some of the most successful independent films of all time.

Ira Deutchman

Founding Member

Mark Hansen joined Columbia Journalism School in July of 2012, after a decade of shuttling between the west and east coasts. In Los Angeles, he held appointments in the Department of Statistics…

Mark Hansen

Founding Member

Dr. Park is Dean of Strategic Initiatives at Columbia University and a member of Columbia University’s Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering New Media Center…

David Park

Founding Member

Tenen is a co-founder of Columbia’s Group for Experimental Methods in the Humanities. The group’s interests fall into one of three categories, built on the strengths of Columbia’s community

Dennis Tenen

Founding Member

A leading authority on the future of media, Frank Rose is the author of The Art of Immersion and a frequent contributor to The New York Times and other publications.

Dr. Desmond Upton Patton is an assistant professor at the Columbia School of Social Work and a Faculty Affiliate of the Social Intervention Group (SIG) and the Data Science Institute.

As a multidisciplinary strategist, Rachel Ginsberg explores the space between brand and experience, and designs initiatives to bridge it.

Maureen A. Ryan is a producer based in New York concentrating on feature films and documentaries and is currently the Chair of Columbia University’s MFA Film program.

Considered one of the world’s most innovative marketers, Paul Woolmington has launched two successful media and communications concerns and in January 2016 was named CEO of a third, Canvas Worldwide.